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No.19 7/27/2015 1:27 AM
We defeated 2 more bosses in Hellfire Citadel!
No.19 7/25/2015 10:32 AM
We finally beat Gorefiend!
No.19 7/4/2015 2:11 AM
We beat the next 2 bosses in HFC 2 days later!
No.19 6/27/2015 10:20 AM
We beat 3 bosses in our first night in Hellfire Citadel!
No.19 6/17/2015 2:25 AM
8/10 in Heroic BRF with our victory over Iron Maidens!
No.19 6/1/2015 3:12 PM
Defeated 2 more bosses to go 7/10 in Heroic BRF!
No.19 5/30/2015 3:16 AM
5th boss down in Heroic BRF: Operator Thogar!
No.19 5/25/2015 3:13 AM
We finally cleared all of Blackrock Foundry!
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Welcome to the Red Shadows!

We are a friends and family guild on the Llane server of World of Warcraft.

If you are a current member of the guild, please click the "Join Red Shadows" link at the top of the page so we can give you access to the site.
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It took us 3 more weeks, but we finally defeated 3 new bosses -- now 8/13 in Hellfire Citadel!

No.19, Jul 27, 15 2:57 AM.
We downed Kilrogg so fast that we rescued Ariok. Now's he patrolling in our garrisons!

We had enough time on Friday to get in some practice attempts vs. Gorefiend. Well, it only took us 2 tries to finally beat the 5th boss in the dungeon! The victorious lineup: Giri, Veneste, Undignified, Keleena, Jessielock, Timbuktoo, Viènna, Dahucha, Chuggs, Fordalliance, Lasla, Hillbottom, Daedyxes and Lingula

We heard Fel Lord Zakuun was easy, and we proved it when we vanquished the boss in our first pull ever on Sunday! The winning team: Elohin, Keleena, Fordalliance, Undignified, Kinst, Chuggs, Viènna, Daedyxes, Giri, Dahucha and Veneste

We followed up that success by taking only 4 attempts to down Socrethar the Eternal! The lineup: Fordalliance, Elohin, Undignified, Hillbottom, Lasla, Viènna, Kinst, Dahucha, Giri, Daedyxes, Chuggs and Keleena

We defeated the first 5 bosses in Hellfire Citadel in our first week!

No.19, Jul 4, 15 2:57 AM.
The winning team started vs. Hellfire Assault: Keleena, Pypa, Undignified, Giri, Tinytoon, Dahucha, Hillbottom, Timbuktoo, Lingula, Viènna, Chuggs and Elohin

Next was our victory vs. Iron Reaver: Pypa, Keleena, Viènna, Dahucha, Hillbottom, Timbuktoo, Giri, Elohin, Tinytoon, Chuggs, Undignified and Lingula

Our final victory the first night was against Kormrok: Lingula, Elohin, Giri, Hillbottom, Undignified, Pypa, Daedyxes, Viènna, Tryllian, Timbuktoo, Chuggs, Dahucha, Tinytoon, Keleena and Pypa

On Sunday we defeated Hellfire High Council: Elohin, Lingula, Keleena, Viènna, Giri, Timbuktoo, Undignified, Tinytoon, Chuggs, Darknaru, Pypa, Daedyxes, Thaevin

Our final boss kill of the week was Kilrogg Deadeye: Elohin, Pypa, Keleena, Viènna, Undignified, Tinytoon, Kinst, Thaevin, Giri, Chuggs, Darknaru, Lingula and Daedyxes

We defeated Heroic Iron Maidens on our lucky 13th pull of the night!

No.19, Jun 18, 15 12:33 AM.
The winning lineup vs. Heroic Iron Maidens: Elohin, Daedyxes, Tryllian, Timbuktoo, Dahucha, Viènna, Goli, Chuggs, Lasla, Hillbottom, Lingula and Keleena

We vanquished 2 new bosses in Heroic Blackrock Foundry -- now 11/17 in Heroic Tier 17 raiding!

No.19, Jun 4, 15 3:31 AM.
On our 12th pull ever, the winning lineup vs. Kromog: Keleena, Daedyxes, Timbuktoo, Elohin, Thaevin, Viènna, Undignified, Lingula, Dahucha, Chuggs and Giri

It took us only 3 tries total as we prevailed earlier against Flamebender Ka'graz: Keleena, Daedyxes, Timbuktoo, Elohin, Thaevin, Viènna, Undignified, Lingula, Dahucha, Chuggs and Goli

We defeated Heroic Operator Thogar on just our fifth pull ever -- now 5/10 in Heroic BRF!

No.19, May 30, 15 8:39 PM.
The victorious team vs. the Train boss: Daedyxes, Chuggs, Elohin, Viènna, Keleena, Dahucha, Lingula, Goli, Undignified, Thaevin, Tinytoon and Keldrune. We're now 9/17 in Heroic Tier 17 raiding!
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